Double Sided Wood Burner Installation Staplehurst

This was a big job from start to finish, we opened the fire place up and installed 2 lintels and did a small amount of brick work. After the rip out, measurements for the granite hearth were taken ready to be fitted, once the granite was fitted, we plated the sides and sprayed them metallic grey. Lastly the double sided Avalon wood burner was installed, and two bespoke trims sprayed in charcoal to finish the edge off.

Here are the before images


Chimney Sweep

Its that time of year again to get your chimneys swept, book now to beat the busiest period before christmas to ensure a lovely safe roaring fire on christmas day. We sweep chimneys throughout Kent, Sussex and surrey, chimneys should be swept a minimum of once a year to remove all flammable debris and to ensure a nice safe fire.

Wood Burner Installation in Crowborough

This Wood Burner Installation started with the rip out of all the old stone, once this was complete we were able to take the measurements for the hearth. The second visit was to lay the premium black granite hearth and line the chimney, ready for the brick slips to be added to the chimney breast. And then lastly we made a third visit to install the stove and wooden beam.



Dangerous Wood Burner Installation

Bad Install

Please be aware that any installations should be carried out by someone that is HETAS certified, as you can see from the photo someone has installed the liner the wrong way up. This will lead to a chimney fire and a breakdown of your liner in no time at all.

If the liner is the wrong way up, it means the soot can build up quickly and has no where to go when it is swept.

If you are unsure about your installation, please contact us for some free and friendly advise on 0800 086 9697 we will be happy to help.

Wood Burner Installation Maidstone

Wood Burner Installation Maidstone

This installation was designed to suit an old victorian fireplace with the original red enamel tiles, the woodturner is an Aspect 5, a lot of customers like this wood burner because it is a single large door that shows a lot of flame. It has original brick work, and some old rusty angle either side to blend in with the look. The larger flue pipe is insulated because of the existing beam that was already in situ.